1o*o8 Daily Munch

You ever just wake up and dread the fact that you SHOULD eat breakfast?! This rarely happens but I just feel awful this morning. Nevertheless I’m chugging away at my liquid crack (aka black coffee) and nibbling on my yogurt. Seriously. Nibbling. It took me FOREVER to get out of bed, baby steps & multiple tries… this includes almost falling asleep in the shower… driving to work… NOW!!!!….

We’ll start off with DINNER last nite since I strangely just didn’t wanna be near a computer at all last nite….

梅乾扣肉 Fatty Pork w/ this pickled veggie :] – Here’s a nice introduction to it I found on the blog: Across Culture, Across Food

With my beloved Brussel Sprouts… fresh from the farmer’s market!!!

WITH WHITE RICE!!! I never have rice.. let alone white rice… rare occasion :] I love wild rice and brown rice etc… but sometimes you just gotta have the white!!! Esp. with the fatty pork :]

I watched Art of the Devil, which is a Thai horror movie. It wasn’t as “low-budget”y as reviews had said… Art of the Devil II is more gorier but this had a better story than that one. Don’t ask me why I watched the second one before the first but they’re unrelated so it doesn’t matter.

Had most of 3 small yellow peaches & 4 Date Cakes… (think Luna Bars… with just dates and walnuts… and edible “plastic” film/skin on it… haha I duno why it’s there.. but I like it…

Which brings me to BREAKFAST this morning.. which… after half an hour of starting it… I’m still nibbling on….

I also have 2 GIANT peaches.. banana, strawberries, starfruit, prunes, the whole sha-bang usual :]

I like playing with my food so expect more peach-like photos from yesterday with today’s fruits :]

1 tbs Chia Seeds
Sprinkling of cinnamon
1 c Kashi GoLean
BLACK COFFEEEEEEE… I wish they had.. extra caffeine… drops or something to add to food/drinks :]

edit @ 1129am


Strange but I have no… appetite still? But I started staring at my peaches (I loved mine so much yesterday, today I brought TWO to work!!!)…. and Mr. Piggie was eyeing them too…

Evil Piggie. What a sneaky bastard.

So I ate one :] & hid the other one from him

TOLD YOU THEY WERE BIG!!!! It took me FOREVER to finish it :] YUM!

edit @ 1226pm

Peach #2, not cuz I’m hungry but because Mr. Piggie wants to eat it. HAHA. jk :] But it tastes so good and juicy… AND I need to eat SOMETHING. I just don’t feel like lunch today….

See my work… being covered by FOOD NETWORK website :] HAHAHA, shhh!!! Don’t tell anyone ;]

HAHA I just realized I updated EXACTLY one hour ago…. HMMM, I have so much stuff in my lunchbox, I even brought TWO larabars with me to work today… I duno what’s wrong with me :[ Just not feeling chipper… I have my hot tea with me tho…. hopefully I’ll feel better later. Maybe some sashimi tonite.. I keep craving it but then getting horrible stomachaches at the end of the day so I skip the raw fish (which I LOOOOVE I could eat it every day for the rest of my life… except the past few days… haha)

ALSO, my mom and I (and some friends) have come to the conclusion that my stomachaches MIGHT be the overconsumption of squash lately. My diet is TOO high in JUST squash…. soooo, I’m cutting back :] EVEN THO I LOVE IT. Ok ok. :] Must ween obsession slightly…. ANYWAYS….

I spend too much time at work thinking about what to cook/eat for dinner :] Especially when afternoon slump hits. It’s a little earlier than usual but I’ve kinda been in a slump all day…. SO tired… I have a bunch of mushrooms, sweet potatoes… okra… TOMATOES… and errr.. endives at home that need to get eaten soon…. maybe I’ll make some sort of ground turkey, mushroom, tomato-y, sweet potato mixture to scoop with the endives :] HAHAHA……

OK, back to foodblog surfing and work :]

edit @ 218pm

I crave fries from Pommes Frites in NYC :[

It’s like.. I’m not hungry but I’m mindlessly eating… at least I’m mindlessly munching on fruit.. and not chips or something :]


Prune #1…

Prune #2…

OK, no more mindless eating til dinner… which I’m hopefully hungry for… maybe a run after work will help :] Still duno what to eat tonite. I don’t crave anything….. which is strange… not even flickr foodp0rn surfing is tempting me today :T LAME!

edit @ 314pm


I looked in my little pink lunchbox and realized even tho I complained about NOT being hungry ALL DAY, I still managed to go thru pretty much everything >_<; doh!!! I had 1/2 pomelo, a few strawberries, a small banana and 2 larabars. I chose the banana and nibbled on it whilst sprinkling cinnamon over it. YUM!!!

Teeny tiny :[ When I buy bananas I like buying them GREEN AND HUUUUGE. But for some reason my mom always buys tiny ones…. AND since the underripe bananas (greeeeeeeeeen!!! They’re my FAV) make my tummy miserable lately :[ I don’t get long green bananas anymore.. I get LONG YELLOW ONES… hahahaha… okay, I have NO idea where I was going with this. Just the fact that my banana was tiny. Ho hum….

Green bananas contain indigestible (to humans) short chain fatty acids (SCFAs)” – [ Source: WHFoods ]

BESIDES. Bananas beat bloating and since I’ve been feeling bloaty and gross lately hopefully it’ll help. It’s strange, I LOVE bananas, but I don’t eat them as much as you’d think I would…. I go in spurts, I’ll eat one a day for 2 weeks straight and then stop for a month or two. WEIRD. I LOOOOVE frozen bananas tho. MMM, I think I’ll have one for dessert tonite :] Hopefully I still have one or two left in my freezer. I make them when my bananas get overripe.


  1. I’ve just discovered this blog and I’m hooked! You eat such healthy and interesting foods! ^~^


  2. Wow.. you are quite the good blogger…. Those peaches are huge! One other observation, you eat a lot… and you’re so tiny!


  3. misstiffie says:

    Katie – Welcome!!!! :] Hehe hopefully I can convince other people to try eating healthy, yummy and “different” foods :]

    John – Haha… MMM I loves my food. I’m gonna go find MORE of those peaches today after work! I found them at the Bedford Whole Foods… grown at some local farm.. hopefully they’ll have some more!!! They’re like half the size of my head :]


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