Dinner Last Nite

Ended up grilling a HUGE chunk of hubbard squash that I bought from Wilson Farms this weekend. I almost forgot about it! I love squash skin but it seemed like you couldn’t eat it (from what I saw online) even tho it seems pretty thin and not so hard.

Hubbard Squash

The extra-hard skins make them one of the best keeping winter squashes. These are very large and irregularly shaped, with a skin that is quite “warted” and irregular. They range from big to enormous, have a blue/gray skin, and taper at the ends. Like all winter squash, they have an inedible skin, large, fully developed seeds that must be scooped out, and a dense flesh.

Hubbard squash is often sold in pieces because it can grow to cumbersome sizes. The yellow flesh of these tends to be very moist and longer cooking times in the oven are needed. They are generally peeled and boiled, cut up and roasted, or cut small and steamed or sautéed. It’s perfect for pies.

Hubbard squash, if in good condition initially, can be successfully stored 6 months at 50 to 55 degree F. with 70% relative humidity. A 15% loss in weight from shrinkage for 6 months storage would be average. Less rot will develop in the Hubbard squash if stems are completely removed before storage. Hubbard squash and other dark-green-skinned squashes should not be stored near apples, as the ethylene from apples may cause the skin to turn orange-yellow.

Available year-round – peak season is early fall throughout winter.

THE SMELL WAS AMAZING.. especially when it started caramelizing :] It wasn’t very pumpkin-y, it was like a slightly bitter and more moist version of a butternut (which is so much easier to handle) I have a few more squashes I’d like to try (like the Delicata which is supposed to be a sweet potato/corn sort of taste, YUM! & EDIBLE SKIN!!!!) but I think I’ve settled on my favorites :] Anyways. I like my grilled squash slightly burnt but I think I over-pre-microwaved it cuz some of the smaller pieces got squishy, and it burnt a lot easier than the butternut does and stuck to my grill pan. MMM tasty tho :] I sprinkled it with cinnamon and red pepper flakes!!!

I also had some chicken broth w/ cauliflower & crimini mushrooms!!! (I forgot to mention the other types of mushrooms I bought over the wkend: Beech, Fried Chicken… umm Bluefoot, more oysters and of course crimini!!! and I’m sad I decided NOT to try the lobster mushrooms, this wkend I’ll get them!!!)

THREE homemade soy sauce chicken legs :] Like the whole attached part too not just a drumstick :] YUMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

& like 12 of these preserved plums.. I’m so addicted :]

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