Attack of the Giant Peach

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the Whole Foods this wkend was the HUGE locally grown organic peaches. I usually prefer WHITE peaches.. but man oh man were these big. Don’t look at the unmanicured nail, but just look at how big the peach is compared to my pointer.

Super heavy and dense too…..look at that… it even covers my fat hands :]

Mr. Piggie is getting CRUSHED….

Look at that, his face is smooshed… hehehe hmm I just noticed that one of his nostrils is bigger than the other.

Upon further (and closer) investigation, it can be concluded that he just has a CROOKED nose. ANd he needs a good washing.. look at the smudge on his face :[ I’m a bad mommy.

PEEKABOO. James & the Giant Peach Halloween Costume.

Peach Incognito.

I have too much time on my hands procrastinating skills….

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