1o*o6 Daily Munch

I wasn’t hungry last nite. Until it got late… so then I had 1/2 a Pomelo & a mango :]

AND THEN came the pastries… 1 maya pie (which is basically a whoopie pie)

2 pb chocolate chip cookies, 1 congo bar and two meringues *blush* Oh NOT to mention 2 glasses of red wine.

I need to get my snacking under control :[ I’ve gained about 5lbs in the past month @_@


1 tbs Chia Seeds
1c Kashi GoLean
Black Coffee

I have tons of munchies for work today :] So you will be updated with pictures and etc…

JUST CURIOUS, can you eat okra raw, I mean I know you can but is it enjoyable? So I guess I should reword it as DO you eat okra raw… I was surfing online on health/nutrition/veggies and RAW food sites and some ppl say you should microwave it at least for a bit but cook it minimal… some say it’s good raw, some say it’s “woodsy” tasting…. what gives?! I brought a few to work to try but now I’m scared *hahahaha* It’s supposedly really good for the intestines and etc. I might just bring them back home and cook them off with the rest of the bag tonite… we’ll see.. I’ll probably at least brave a nibble :]

Story of my life, eat too much and I’m always “detoxing” on Mondays and Tuesdays… hahaha….

______________ edit @ 1257pm ______________


14 Strawberries

1/2 Pomelo

I’m sipping on Hot Tea right now…. ughhh so bloated….

______________ edit @ 346 ______________

Baby Kiwis + Mango

2 Raw Okras pods.

OK. The taste is actually pretty good and they’re crispy and not slimey like when they’re cooked. BUT.. I don’t like the smell and the smell sort of influences the taste a TINNNNY bit (I think it’s in my head) so they’re good.. but I’ll probably not eat them too much just whole but slice them up and throw them in a salad, or just steamed :]

I crave: Chawan Mushi right now :] MMMMM…. warm and yummy!!! I’m gonna go home soon (I get off work at 4), go for a nice long jog (gotta get my fat butt back into shape again) and then cook me some dinner!!!!


  1. That supper of cookies and wine looks divine! Sometimes you just need that.


  2. misstiffie says:

    Candy – Totally agree!!! Maybe not so good on the hips but definitely good for the soul!!! AND It was super needed :] I’ve been too stressed lately… Plus having it with a Girly movie added to it!!! Altho usually I pop in scary movies haha…


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