o9*30 Daily Munch

My MOMMY got me an ACORN SQUASH as a surprise yesterday after work :] YAY!!! But I’m gonna eat it tomorrow, tonite is SPAGHETTI SQUASH NITE!!! I was gonna pack pumpkin with my yogurt today but I forgot both. BOTH! & then I blew a tire on the way to work this morning so I’m a bit shook up :[ Strangely not very hungry today.

1 tbs Chia Seeds (when I don’t have yogurt or oatmeal I just eat it raw, it’s so good, and better than flax. But then I’m biased… I’m allergic to flax PLUS you don’t need to grind Chia to digest it, like you need to with Flax. Chia FTW!!! But yea I LOOOVE munching on Chia Seeds!!!)
1 c GoLean
1 large black coffee
They’re boring tho so no pictures…


1/2 Pomelo (giant asian Grapfruit)

Sneak Peek in my Lunchbox today:

Strawberries, Pineapple, Mango, White Peach, Grapes NOM NOM NOM :]

I don’t like munching mindlessly… So I’m gonna stop after my Pomelo until I really get hungry. CRAP!!! I just remembered I left my strawberry POCKY I was gonna bring to work at home :[ Sad. I bought a lot and while I LOVE the crazy flavors… blueberry.. almond, coconut, etc.. etc… I love strawberry the most, I bought a lot of them amongst other flavors, even HELLO KITTY ones :]

Source: Wiki

BTW, random fact, my top 3 things to surf to procrastinate at work is….

1. Flickr
2. Wikipedia
3. Food Blogs/Porn

:] HAHAHA… behind them is Netflix, News, Celeb Gossip & personal blogs/LJ communities. HEE HEE HEE :]


Still no real appetite. Just been drinking tons of hot green tea :]



Look a sexy nail :] HAHAHA, jk. I just tipped my nails with glitter for fun :] MY TOES are glittery toooooooooooooo…..


White Peach!!!!… I’m not hungry at ALL today.. but I FEEL like I should be…. *pulls hair out* what happened to my love of food???….

I wonder how long I can go without eating candy all nite long either.. HMMM….

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