o9*29 Daily Munch

I woke feeling really sick (probably because I went to bed around 5ish and woke up around 6ish.. that doesn’t even count as sleep…) I had a horrible stomachache so no pineapple or pomelo for now :[ Acidity = No no.

1 tbs Chia Seeds

1 Guava w/ Sour Plum Powder

Oatmeal Pancake (using Kath’s basic recipe but I modified it) making take two

Macha Oatmeal Pancake Balls w/ Red Bean Centers

(Super healthy, only oats, egg whites, baking powder, macha powder and red bean!!!)

White Peach

For dinner I’m thinking SQUASH, some basil and egg whites maybe? I have so many veggies I duno what to do with it all. Garlic Chives maybe? YUM! *sigh* Being sick makes me not so wanting to get creative tonite. :[ Not even with my fridge full of yummies. I’m tempted just to drink hot cocoa and sleep…. *grabs tummie* Still hurts a bit.

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