o9*26 Daily Munch

Watching Down Home with the Neelys right now :] I love this show, cutest little couple ever!! Mrs Neely is the more ADORABLE lady!!! HEE HEE HEE… I wanna try their bbQ so bad! Let me know if you have!!

09*26 Daily MUNCH
Yesterday was *weaksauce* when it came to amount of food, but the food was yum! It was disgustingly rainy out so thankfully I was W@Hing, but it was a busy day.


AND then I had a huge craving for carrots

I also ate a tps of Chia Seeds (unpictured) & then made some oat/pumpkin/banana Pancake Balls with my pancake ball pan from Williams Sonoma [insert picture later]

Met Bar + Grill got rid of my favorite Tandoori wings :[ But they added some new items so I got to try the NEW wings, scallops and german chocolate cake cupcake!!!

General Tso’s Chicken Wings – super spicy and yummy I love the slightly burnt edges, they were super sticky too. I think too much hot oil tho. They were over seasoned cucumbers but the were too sauced.

HUUUUUUUUGE Seared Diver Scallops on Pureed Pumpkin and a mixture of Braised Brussel Sprouts/Bacon.

Greek “The Athens” Country Style Salad – I got it without the Crispy Filo and Feta tho…. sooo goooood… and I added Shrimp. 3 JUMBO shrimp for FREAKING 9$ UGH. But they were tasty!!

I was still hungry but then opted for dessert > fries since I know that if I got both I just wouldn’t enjoy desser *AS* much…

German Chocolate Cupcake. Looked so unappealing and hard but it was so soft, luscious and delicious inside. THe highlight? The goop of yummy coconut-ness inside. Thick and shredded and the soft chocolate underneath the hard chocolate shell on top.

HAHA, lies, I wish I got fries too.

Unpictured intake;
– HUGE slice of Caramel Affair cake from Finale
– 1 Cranberry Chocolate Nut Cookie from a small bakery in Concord
– I single serving of Strawberry Bavarian Cream from Finale
– 1 Bowl of canned Lychees (18)
– 2 Boxes of POIFULLS in bed while I was online (Hee hee)

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