o9*25 – Daily Munch

Breakfast Station Set Up :] HAHAHA… I have waffles at home but I’m too lazy to wake up earlier to toast them before coming into work :]

Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt
1 tbs Chia Seeds
1 c GoLean
Sprinkles of Cinnamon (nom!)
Black Coffee (today’s flavor is Caramel Vanilla Sugar)
* I remembered to take my lactaid BEFORE the yogurt so no tummie aches today hopefully yay*
& I haven’t had my banana yet… it’s only 937am right now tho… and I’m still sipping my liquid crack and munching on my cereal :]

15.5oz Fresh Pineapple

1/2 Med Banana with Cinnamon
Now when it comes to bananas, I LOOOOVE green bananas. But they don’t do so well with my stomach anymore :[ Anyways another story, I tried to PEEL the banana but it wouldn’t peel.. so I’m stabbing it with my nails and such and trying to peel it open and then I had banana squishing out the holes. I HATE MUSHY BANANAS! Anyways. So I ended up with just half a banana :[ I was gonna post a picture of the banana with the cinnamon but it just doesn’t look very appealing… hahaha…

1 Peach & Tazo Black TEAAAAAAAAAA…

and in my second round of tea I’ll most likely sprinkle Cinnamon in with the hot water and tea bag for a boost of yumminess :]

I can’t wait to cook dinner tonite! I’m gonna make butternut squash…. and probably something with spinach, mushrooms and either shrimp or squid :D


Ok ok, I got hungry again… so on to eat 5 fresh prunes.
#1. Perfect. Just amount of squish, crunch and chew. Sweet and yummy.
#2. Hard. Sour. Skin was a bit too thick for my liking. Blah. Worst one.
#3. Better?! But maybe cuz the one before was blah. A bit too mushy tho.
#4. Yummy, not as good as the first one but almost there, not as sweet.
#5. Ok. Thick skin but not particularly sweet. Slightly tart.

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