o9*30 Daily Munch

My MOMMY got me an ACORN SQUASH as a surprise yesterday after work :] YAY!!! But I’m gonna eat it tomorrow, tonite is SPAGHETTI SQUASH NITE!!! I was gonna pack pumpkin with my yogurt today but I forgot both. BOTH! & then I blew a tire on the way to work this morning so I’m a bit shook up :[ Strangely not very hungry today.

1 tbs Chia Seeds (when I don’t have yogurt or oatmeal I just eat it raw, it’s so good, and better than flax. But then I’m biased… I’m allergic to flax PLUS you don’t need to grind Chia to digest it, like you need to with Flax. Chia FTW!!! But yea I LOOOVE munching on Chia Seeds!!!)
1 c GoLean
1 large black coffee
They’re boring tho so no pictures…


1/2 Pomelo (giant asian Grapfruit)

Sneak Peek in my Lunchbox today:

Strawberries, Pineapple, Mango, White Peach, Grapes NOM NOM NOM :]

I don’t like munching mindlessly… So I’m gonna stop after my Pomelo until I really get hungry. CRAP!!! I just remembered I left my strawberry POCKY I was gonna bring to work at home :[ Sad. I bought a lot and while I LOVE the crazy flavors… blueberry.. almond, coconut, etc.. etc… I love strawberry the most, I bought a lot of them amongst other flavors, even HELLO KITTY ones :]

Source: Wiki

BTW, random fact, my top 3 things to surf to procrastinate at work is….

1. Flickr
2. Wikipedia
3. Food Blogs/Porn

:] HAHAHA… behind them is Netflix, News, Celeb Gossip & personal blogs/LJ communities. HEE HEE HEE :]


Still no real appetite. Just been drinking tons of hot green tea :]



Look a sexy nail :] HAHAHA, jk. I just tipped my nails with glitter for fun :] MY TOES are glittery toooooooooooooo…..


White Peach!!!!… I’m not hungry at ALL today.. but I FEEL like I should be…. *pulls hair out* what happened to my love of food???….

I wonder how long I can go without eating candy all nite long either.. HMMM….

Last Nite’s Dinner = Yummy but Boring

Wait. What did I eat yesterday for dinner? I know I ended the night with a HUGE box of Sour Jelly Bellys :] OHHH YEAH…

Butternut Squash Fries

White Asparagus

Dior loves them too!!!

& then more GUAVA w/ Sour Plum Powder while I watched Black House which was really good minus the fact that the lead male pissed me off cuz he was super pussy and I ended up just rooting for the bad guy :]

o9*29 Daily Munch

I woke feeling really sick (probably because I went to bed around 5ish and woke up around 6ish.. that doesn’t even count as sleep…) I had a horrible stomachache so no pineapple or pomelo for now :[ Acidity = No no.

1 tbs Chia Seeds

1 Guava w/ Sour Plum Powder

Oatmeal Pancake (using Kath’s basic recipe but I modified it) making take two

Macha Oatmeal Pancake Balls w/ Red Bean Centers

(Super healthy, only oats, egg whites, baking powder, macha powder and red bean!!!)

White Peach

For dinner I’m thinking SQUASH, some basil and egg whites maybe? I have so many veggies I duno what to do with it all. Garlic Chives maybe? YUM! *sigh* Being sick makes me not so wanting to get creative tonite. :[ Not even with my fridge full of yummies. I’m tempted just to drink hot cocoa and sleep…. *grabs tummie* Still hurts a bit.

o9*28 Daily Munch

Oh noes!!! I’m so behind. But I will not let this foodie blog fail like my million others, once started and never finished. NO, this will be my baby :]

I started off the day with my tbs of Chia Seeds & a guava. No picture taken. Lazy.

Then, Brunch…
One of my favorite places to go for brunch (other than dimsum or tea time)

Black Coffee <3

Pastry Basket
(It’s different daily, today’s was chocolate crossiant, blueberry muffin and the most delicious donut cinnamon muffin cake bread thing that was PIPING HOT and nom-nicious ever!!! The waiter and I had a super long convo about how amazing they were…)

Omelette of Maine tomato, piave vecchio and andouille sausage; sweet pepper, onion and potato hash

DUCK CONFIT on multigrain with sautéed cabbage, carrots, black currant chutney and curry aïoli and HOMEMADE CHIPS :D

2 Orders of the APPLEWOOD SMOKED BACON (I’ve been craving it like CRAZY)

HEHE, brunch ended with the waiter (he was super nice and talky the whole time) “BY THE WAY, I’m single.. so if you ever wanna go out sometime let me know… *walks away quickly after a smile” AWW, cute. I bet I was a lot older than him tho. HAHA…

New Kitchen Goodies..
Measuring Cups

Measuring Spoons

(and yes I bought myself 3 Taro Gomi coloring books I LOVE THEM)

I also got cute new plates but I forgot to take a picture… they have gold trim:

I LOVE buying kitchenware, utensils, glasses, plates, etc… so it’s bad when I go into Anthropologie, Williams Sonoma, etc… I GO NUTS.
Dinner was COOKED BY MEEEE :]

I love using the grilling pan :] HEE HEE… I have a CIRCLE one (above) and a square one!!

Curried Ginger Garlic Chicken Wings

Acorn Squash

Corn + “A Cai” I duno what it’s called in English…

Watched Population 436 while eating a guava w/ sour plum powder & 1/2 Pomelo (yay they’re back in season)

I also had other misc. snacks in the middle of the night *cough* like a passionfruit meringue tart, 3 cranberry chocolate cookied, 2 chocolate chip cookies, and 3 little star shortbread cookies :] OHH and like a gazillion green bean pastey thingies. MMM to chinese snacks <3   

I duno why but I didn’t end up sleeping til about 5am :T so bad….

ps. SOME of my goodies from the other day:

Too lazy to list them right now since I’m behind in posting…

All Grilled Dinner

I would blog about my munchies this morning but they were too interesting. I was too lazy to do anything special. I had a small bowl of oatmeal with sweet potato, chia seeds & cinnamon. Then a frozen banana while I went to Russo’s to do some grocery shopping..

…and then a kiwi/strawberry bowl from there. Nom! I bought tons of fresh seasonal foods, fruits, squash, etc… and lots of chinese snacks [insert picture later] at some Chinese place in Chelmsford :]

Tonite was an all grilled healthy food night!!!

Grilled Veggie Salad w/ Grilled Garlic Chicken
(Eggplant, Summer Squash, Asparagus, Mushrooms, Onions on Raw Spinach & a sprinkle of Balsamic Vinegar)

Orange Thyme Shrimp

My BUTTERNUT SQUASH fries <33333

I watched CELLO and munched on guava with sour plum powder, some dried sour plums & dried squid :]

Eh. My weekend’s been……. eh… laying off the wine tonite tho… :] Don’t wanna be a boozeaholic just cuz I’ve been stressed and having drama lately… hahaha….

o9*26 Daily Munch

Watching Down Home with the Neelys right now :] I love this show, cutest little couple ever!! Mrs Neely is the more ADORABLE lady!!! HEE HEE HEE… I wanna try their bbQ so bad! Let me know if you have!!

09*26 Daily MUNCH
Yesterday was *weaksauce* when it came to amount of food, but the food was yum! It was disgustingly rainy out so thankfully I was W@Hing, but it was a busy day.


AND then I had a huge craving for carrots

I also ate a tps of Chia Seeds (unpictured) & then made some oat/pumpkin/banana Pancake Balls with my pancake ball pan from Williams Sonoma [insert picture later]

Met Bar + Grill got rid of my favorite Tandoori wings :[ But they added some new items so I got to try the NEW wings, scallops and german chocolate cake cupcake!!!

General Tso’s Chicken Wings – super spicy and yummy I love the slightly burnt edges, they were super sticky too. I think too much hot oil tho. They were over seasoned cucumbers but the were too sauced.

HUUUUUUUUGE Seared Diver Scallops on Pureed Pumpkin and a mixture of Braised Brussel Sprouts/Bacon.

Greek “The Athens” Country Style Salad – I got it without the Crispy Filo and Feta tho…. sooo goooood… and I added Shrimp. 3 JUMBO shrimp for FREAKING 9$ UGH. But they were tasty!!

I was still hungry but then opted for dessert > fries since I know that if I got both I just wouldn’t enjoy desser *AS* much…

German Chocolate Cupcake. Looked so unappealing and hard but it was so soft, luscious and delicious inside. THe highlight? The goop of yummy coconut-ness inside. Thick and shredded and the soft chocolate underneath the hard chocolate shell on top.

HAHA, lies, I wish I got fries too.

Unpictured intake;
– HUGE slice of Caramel Affair cake from Finale
– 1 Cranberry Chocolate Nut Cookie from a small bakery in Concord
– I single serving of Strawberry Bavarian Cream from Finale
– 1 Bowl of canned Lychees (18)
– 2 Boxes of POIFULLS in bed while I was online (Hee hee)

Grilling Indoors

We have a really nice grill but we never use it. I tend to just use the indoor grill pan :] Picture some other time…

Tonite I made butternut squash & asparagus. SOOO goood…. the flavors were so intense and the inside was so juicy!!! I just microwaved the cut up squash for about 4 min and then grilled them to my liking (I liked them slightly burnt and crunchy…) And I’m SOOO full from my full plate!!!

My mom made chinese sausage fried rice & this yummie bitter green with hot peppers, pork & tofu but she still stole some of my squash. I ate it with NO seasonings because it was THAT fresh & tasty!!! Towards the end I missed my spice so I sprinkled some hot pepper flakes on some asparagus and squash for some heat :] I wanted to steal from fried rice but I’m so full from all the squash… MMM fiber.


Dessert tonite while I watch Fingerprints is 2 Tea Mooncakes & Homemade redbean mochis (not from me, my mom’s friend)

o9*25 – Daily Munch

Breakfast Station Set Up :] HAHAHA… I have waffles at home but I’m too lazy to wake up earlier to toast them before coming into work :]

Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt
1 tbs Chia Seeds
1 c GoLean
Sprinkles of Cinnamon (nom!)
Black Coffee (today’s flavor is Caramel Vanilla Sugar)
* I remembered to take my lactaid BEFORE the yogurt so no tummie aches today hopefully yay*
& I haven’t had my banana yet… it’s only 937am right now tho… and I’m still sipping my liquid crack and munching on my cereal :]

15.5oz Fresh Pineapple

1/2 Med Banana with Cinnamon
Now when it comes to bananas, I LOOOOVE green bananas. But they don’t do so well with my stomach anymore :[ Anyways another story, I tried to PEEL the banana but it wouldn’t peel.. so I’m stabbing it with my nails and such and trying to peel it open and then I had banana squishing out the holes. I HATE MUSHY BANANAS! Anyways. So I ended up with just half a banana :[ I was gonna post a picture of the banana with the cinnamon but it just doesn’t look very appealing… hahaha…

1 Peach & Tazo Black TEAAAAAAAAAA…

and in my second round of tea I’ll most likely sprinkle Cinnamon in with the hot water and tea bag for a boost of yumminess :]

I can’t wait to cook dinner tonite! I’m gonna make butternut squash…. and probably something with spinach, mushrooms and either shrimp or squid :D


Ok ok, I got hungry again… so on to eat 5 fresh prunes.
#1. Perfect. Just amount of squish, crunch and chew. Sweet and yummy.
#2. Hard. Sour. Skin was a bit too thick for my liking. Blah. Worst one.
#3. Better?! But maybe cuz the one before was blah. A bit too mushy tho.
#4. Yummy, not as good as the first one but almost there, not as sweet.
#5. Ok. Thick skin but not particularly sweet. Slightly tart.


Last nite I went home and only ran for a little bit. I was planning on eating really light but was starving, just STARVING by 630pm :[ Dinner went from a few takoyaki balls and spaghetti squash to a 50-course meal. OK OK, I exaggerate but still ;] Dang, I wish I took pictures…

Spaghetti Squash
Gan Bien Siji Dou (Dry Fried Green Beans w/ TONS of garlic!!!!)
Steamed Minced Pork w/ Chinese Soy Saucey Cucumbers
Takoyaki Balls
Chinese Garlic Chives
SOUP w/ PorkRibs, Carrots, 山藥 (this root that’s really good for you) & enoki

*oof* STUFFED!!!

Later I watched The Breed and ate 3/4 of the last 1/2 of the strawberry shortcake cake from Whole Foods and drank two glasses of delicious red wine :]

o9*24 – Daily Munch

I’m trying to recover from all the food yesterday. I actually passed out in bed watching the last half of a French movie (that I just can’t seem to finish, not that it’s bad but I just start watching it at like 1am every day) after chowing down on 2 boxes of Poifulls….


Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt
w/ tbs Chia Seeds
1c Kashi GoLean Cereal
1 large Black Coffee

15.5oz Pineapple

10 Baby Carrots
14 small Strawberries
1 Granny Smith Apple
1 large Tazo Awake Black Tea

Speaking of POIFULLS earlier, I got re-stocked today :]
I’m such a happy camper!!!!

Snack @ 345pm:
45 fairly small seedless black grapes

I need to run today when I get home, I feel like a heifer and eating “cleanly” and light today hasn’t helped at all *oof*

Expected Dinner:
Takoyaki, Gyoza & probably some spinach or butternut squash :] NOM!